The Shire

It’s been a while since I updated the blog. This has been a huge summer for us. We bought 16 acres in June! It’s the next step for us in this Regenerative journey. It’s been non-stop work almost every weekend to get things set up, because we are attempting to work with minimal infrastructure, mob grazing, and multiple species to manage the land. It’s easy to dump lots of money into land like this ($450 to mow the pasture!), so we’re taking it slow and finding natural solutions to management. There are lots of Bradford Pears sprouting everywhere, so we’re getting a couple goats to eat them. We picked up 6 sheep last weekend to eat the broad leaf plants in the pasture, and before that, we brought on a couple calves to eat the tall grass. We also moved out chickens to The Shire to scratch and spread the calves’ calling cards and sanitize the pasture. So far, the only failure is that we lost all three of our roosters to a raccoon.

We’re really excited about the changes (and lambs) coming. More updates coming soon!

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Sheep on Pasture