Regenerative Landscape Design gives you a plan for achieving the best regenerative environment on your site. We visit the site and interview you to determine the nuances of the site and your goals. You get a detailed assessment of the site, a vision for the final layout, and a prioritized list of projects for getting there. Fill out our Design Questionnaire to start the process.

Fruit Tree Guilds are a great way of starting and supporting fruit trees naturally. They start with a central tree and include other plants that provide needed services for the tree like nitrogen-fixing (pulling nitrogen out of the air and storing it in the ground for the tree to use), dynamic nutrient accumulators (pull nutrients from deep in the ground to make them available to the tree), and beneficial insect attractors (attract pollinators and other insects that are good for the tree). A guild includes one fruit tree, a nitrogen-fixing ground cover, four nutrient accumulators, and four beneficial insect attractors. Multiple fruit tree guilds can be combined into a Food Forest.

Blackberries grow great in this area, produce after the first year, and hit full production the next year. They also grow new plants each year that can be used to expand your blackberry patch. I prefer planting Apache: thornless and upright (no trellis needed), but other varieties can be requested.

Starting Bee Keeping can be intimidating. It can also be hard to decode beekeeping terms and decide what equipment you really need and what is extra. Regenerative Landscaping can help you choose your hive placement, provide an equipment purchase list, and supply training and nuc/package installation assistance.

Pastured Poultry Paddocks are a great way to raise healthy poultry integrated with food forests and the landscape. We install fencing to integrate the paddocks with your overall site plan and plant an Omega 3 ground cover to maximize the nutrients in your eggs.

Self Cleaning Chicken Tractors are a great way to keep chickens even if you don’t have a fence. Our bottomless chicken tractors are self-cleaning, just move them to fresh grass: no stink, no mess. We also make them 4 feet wide, so they can rest on a square foot garden bed and weed/fertilize/control pests for you in the gardening off-season. We make two lengths: 7 foot long, good for up to 3 chickens, and 11 foot long, good for up to 6 chickens.