“Paradise Lot”

Do you live in the city and dream of owning a farm? You need to read “Paradise Lot”! This book changed the way I think about the home I live in and what is possible. Don’t let the farm you wish you owned stop you from fully utilizing the site you do own. Regenerative Landscaping can help you plan and prioritize projects to reach your greatest potential for where you are today! Fill out our Design Questionnaire to start the process.

“Restoration Agriculture” – Mark Shepard

20150108_154618 This Thursday, I had a great opportunity to go to the 6th Agroforestry Symposium, hosted by The Center for Agroforestry at Mizzou. There were many good speakers including a Land Owner’s Panel Discussion (see picture). They hosted the Agroforestry Field Day I attended back in October.


My main reason for going was to hear Mark Shepard speak and hopefully meet him. He wrote a great book named “Restoration Agriculture” that has inspired me in Regenerative Landscaping. I even have some trees on order from his farm in Wisconsin to try out for Regenerative Landscaping. I was excited to meet him and get a signed copy of his book. I hope to get a chance to implement some more of his big ideas on regenerative agriculture.


Psalm 1 – Tree Reference