How to Stretch a Pasture Raised Chicken (Serves 6)

How to Stretch a Pasture-Raised Chicken PDF

Meal 0

When you buy your chicken, it is important to also get the neck and the feet.

Meal 1Meal 1: De-breast chicken and use white meat in a meal such as chicken fried rice, pictured below.

Meal 2: Cut off thighs and legs and use dark meat in a meal, such as chicken salad, chicken burritos, or chicken pot pie.

Meal 3Meal 3: Make chicken stock/broth from the remaining parts (body, neck, and peeled feet). If boiled down long enough, this should produce 14-15 cups of chicken stock/broth. The leftover meat from the body and neck can be combined with the meat to make chicken noodle soup or for another meal

Meal 4-001

Meal 4: Use the remainder of the chicken stock/broth as the base for any other meal, such as Potato soup or in a pasta dish that cooks the pasta in the broth. You can also drink the broth straight.